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Health disparities in adults

Adults who have difficulty making ends meet and residents with primary education or a pre-vocational education have a structural disadvantage in health, lifestyle and health opportunities. When looking over a longer priod of time, these residents are also falling further behind. This publication describes the latest developments in health disparities among adults in Utrecht.
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Drie kinderen op een rij


Health disparities in children

Children from families with low prosperity and children from single-parent families are structurally disadvantaged in health, lifestyle and opportunities for a healthy life. Children with a non-Western migration background also have fewer opportunities for health. In this publication we look into the development of differences in health, lifestyle, environment, access to health care and poverty of children in Utrecht.
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Twee mensen met hond wandelen in het Oosterspoorbaanpark


Utrecht Health Profile

The Utrecht Health Profile 2022 brings together results and developments in health in recent years. With this report, professionals and policymakers can work together in a targeted manner to improve the health of Utrecht's residents. It identifies which health problems are urgent, for whom, and how health differences are developing.
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The First 1,000 Days of Children

The first 1,000 days of a child's life are critical to a child’s health and well-being, both during that initial period and throughout the rest of their life. This is when the foundation is laid for physical, psychological and social development. These ‘1,000 days’ start before conception and continue until a child's second birthday.
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Utrecht Health Model

In Utrecht the basis for monitoring and working on health is The Utrecht Health Model. This model is a combination of various theoretical models on health and health inequalities. It helps to look at health and health opportunities in a coherent way and to talk about them across various domains.
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About this website

The Public Health Monitor Utrecht (Volksgezondheidsmonitor Utrecht, VMU) provides insights into the health of Utrecht residents and factors that influence health. This monitor is carried out by the Public Health Department of the municipality of Utrecht. We collect figures and knowledge about the health of Utrecht residents in a variety of ways.
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